When was the last time you took your plans for the future through a service?

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What is a 'Mid Life MOT'?

Our perception of middle age has changed. Many of us on reaching our 50’s aren’t considering winding down but are keen to explore what life still has to offer us. The Mid Life MOT will help you to consider whether you have the right resources in place to help you take advantage of these opportunities, both in work and retirement.

This is a free service for you to review your health, finances, and skills, helping you take control and plan for the future you want. A small investment of your time today could make a big difference, so begin the conversation now.

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My Health

  • NHS Logo

    NHS Better Health

    When we reach our 50’s and beyond we could be at higher risk of developing longer term heath conditions which could affect our ability to work. Improving our health and wellbeing can help to minimise these risks.

    This is the time to think about making some simple changes to your everyday lifestyle and to take stock of your health, so that you can remain active and achieve all that you want to in later life. The NHS offers free health checks for anyone in England aged between 40 and 74 through your GP surgery. Contact them now for a free health check.

    They can also help you to make some positive changes to your lifestyle whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking, improving your mental health, or being more active. Making simple changes now could make all the difference.

  • One You

    One You - Every mind matters

My jobs and skills

  • National Careers Service

    The National Careers Service

    As we get older our career options and working needs may need to change. Work is such a vital part of our lives, providing financial and social support, so it is important that you consider whether there are opportunities for you to develop and learn new skills, or even make changes to your career. Talking to someone who can help you to assess what your current situation is and explore your career, learning and training choices can really help. Or it maybe that you need to talk about more flexible ways of working to manage your responsibilities outside of work? Asking your employer for flexible working arrangements can really make a difference to you and your family.

    Want to have a quick chat with a local advisor? Contact them at referral@educationdevelopmenttrust.com and use the code 'Mid Life MOT' in the subject line for a 1:1 conversation.

  • Experience matters workshops

    Experience matters workshops

    Experience matters is a free workshop delivered by National Careers Service, specifically aimed at people aged 50+ to help you:

    • Assess and understand your own career motivations and plans for the future.
    • Reflect on your work journey and to recognise the skills you already have.
    • Explore how you can transfer your skills to other sectors or careers.
    • Access other support agencies and career management tools.

    Thu, April 8, 2021 - 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

    Wed, April 14, 2021 - 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

My finances

  • NHS Logo

    Citizens Advice Bureau - Cornwall

    Do you think that you have made good provision for your retirement and that your finances are in good shape? Will your pension pot be enough? Many things may have changed since you put in place your financial plans for your future. Your circumstances, priorities and needs may have changed dramatically and the products on offer may be an improvement on what you had originally put in place. Checking your financial position and arrangements for the future makes good sense. Taking control of your finances at this stage in life will help you plan for the future and make the changes you need for the retirement you want and give you peace of mind.

    Want to talk to someone locally? Citizens Advice Bureau offer some excellent free and unbiased advice, support and guidance for people over 50 on pension options and potential next steps through their ‘Pensionwise’ scheme.

  • NHS Logo

    Money and Pensions Services

    The Money and Pensions Service are there for free information on your financial options to help you to better understand and manage your finances. You can also check your State pension status too to see when you should receive your state pension and how much you might get, although remember that you can choose to work on when you reach this deadline.

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